Westwood North Water Supply Corporation

About Us

Current Board of Directors and Staff

Christopher Jones, President

Michael Baylor II, Vice-President

Shebli Gehring, Secretary/Treasurer

Paxton Plante, General Manager

H2O Innovations, District Water Operator

Westwood North Water Supply Corp. and Westwood Subdivisions

Westwood Subdivision Sections; I, II, III and IV were established in August, 1978.  By 1995, approximately 25 homes were located in Sections III and IV compared to more than 750 homes and numerous businesses now located on 1488 in these two sections.  In 1995, the Westwood Landowners Association (WWLOA) owned the water system for Sections III and IV.  Money was tight, and the WWLOA decided to separate the landowners association from the water system to better allocate expenses and revenues.  Westwood Waterworks, Inc. (WWI) was created as a nonprofit corporation to continue to provide water to Sections III and IV.  The original WWI board of directors was comprised of 3 members:  a president, vice-president and secretary/treasurer.  The water plant was operated on a contract basis by separate party.  After several years of paying state and federal taxes, the board of directors decided to restructure into a member-owned co-operative to reduce the tax burden on the company.  In October of 2001, Westwood North Water Supply Corporation (WNWSC) was created.  The company had approximately 400 water taps and was quickly outgrowing the current plant operations and office arrangements.  WNWSC hired an office manager and contracted with an outside plant operations company to operate the water plant.  As the demand for water grew with the increasing population in Sections III and IV, WNWSC expanded operations by building a second, larger water plant, building an office building, and paying off the obligation to the WWLOA.  The WNWSC feels very fortunate that the water system belongs to the residents, the members of the co-operative.  The system is now managed by a five-member board of directors voted into office by the members.  Each board member serves a three year term and receives no pay.  Each volunteers their time to help guide the direction of the WNWSC.  The water system in Sections I and II is a separate entity, owned by an investment corporation and is run strictly for profit.

Water System Equipment

In 1995, the system consisted of one well with a 5-horsepower motor serving all of Sections III and IV.  The current system is comprised of 4 wells, producing approximately 1,000 gallons per minute.  The two water plants have 3 storage tanks with a capacity of 235,000 gallons, and 3 pressure tanks with a capacity of 25,500 gallons.  For emergency backup power, Plant #2 is equipped with a 100kw generator, while Plant #1 has an 80kw generator.  Both generators are automatic in the event of a power failure.  The water supply in Sections III and IV will be available even during power failures.  The office and all equipment are paid for and owned by the corporation, so the water supply company is in excellent financial health.  We have enlarged several main lines to improve and enhance the overall service lines to meet the future demand for water.  The company has installed our web page at www.wnwater.com.  It has valuable information about the water supply system for Sections III and IV. The average time for a water system repair is 2 ½ hours from the time the repair request is made until the repair is completed.  The Westwood North Water Supply Corporation is very proud of the water system and is willing to compare it with any of the local water companies for service, price, and uptime.  Please send in your comments and suggestions for improvements.